Breakfast and  Morning Break A La Carte

  • Assorted Local Yogurts $2 each
  • Strawberry or Vanilla Local Yogurt (5 lbs.) $23.40
  • Granola by the Pound $10.40 per pound
  • Gluten Free Granola $22.65 per pound
  • Assorted Whole Fruit $1.50 Each
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad $1.75 per serving
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray with Yogurt Fluff Dip $1.85 per serving
  • Cheese Tray with Crackers $2.75 per serving
  • Assorted Granola or Breakfast Bars $2 per bar
  • Gluten Free Granola Bars   $3 per bar
  • Assorted Bottled Juices $2.50 per bottle
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee (Regular and Decaf) $22 per gallon
  • Hot Water with an Assortment of Bagged Tea $10 per gallon
  • Assorted Canned Sodas (Coca Cola Products) $2 per can
  • Assorted Bottled Water (ISU Bottled Water or Dasani Bottled Water) $2 per bottle
  • Bottled Sparkling Water $3 per bottle
  • Canned Lemonade $2 per can
  • Bottled Iced Tea $3 per bottle
  • Brewed Iced Tea $15 per gallon
  • Lemonade $15 per gallon


Cold Breakfast Buffet

$9.25 per guest
Choose Four Cold Items and 2 Beverages
Choose Four:  Assorted Local Yogurt, Fresh Fruit Tray with Dip, Whole Fruit, Granola Bars, Breakfast Bars, Assorted Muffins, Assorted Croissants, Assorted Bagels, or Fruit Bread
Gluten Free Pastries available upon request
Pastries Served with Butter or Cream Cheese (Bagels)
Choose Two: Coffee and Hot Tea, Milk, Assorted Bottled Juices, ISU Water, Assorted Canned Sodas
Add an additional Item $1.50 per guest

Hot Breakfast Buffet

One Entrée - $10.35 per guest
Two Entrée - $11.40 per guest
Choose One Entrée, One Meat, One Hot Side and Two Beverages
Buffet includes Fresh Fruit Salad, Muffins and Croissants with butter, Coffee, and Ice Water
Gluten Free Pastries available, upon request, for an addtional $1.85 per pastry.
Entrees (Choose One $10.35 per guest, Choose 2 $11.40 per guest)
Scrambled Eggs, Ham and Cheese Strata, Breakfast Sandwich Casserole, Pancakes with Syrup or Personal Quiche ( Lorraine, Vegetable or Ham and Cheese)
Meats (Choose One)
Pork Sausage Patties, Chicken and Apple Sausage Links, Bacon, Sliced Ham
Sides (Choose One)
Sour Cream Potato Casserole, Herb Roasted New Potatoes, Shredded Hash Browns, or Yogurt and Granola
Beverages (Choose 2)
Hot Water with Assorted Bagged Tea, Milk, Assorted Bottled Juices, ISU Bottle Water, Assorted Canned Sodas
Add a Side Dish $1.50 per guest
Add an Entrée $4.00 per guest
Add a Beverage $2.00 per guest